“King of Mask Singer” Cleopatra Makes Surprise Appearance at Kim Yeon Woo’s Concert

The anonymous singer who is being referred to as Cleopatra on “King of Mask Singer” appeared as a guest on Kim Yeon Woo‘s concert.

On July 10, Cleopatra from MBC‘s variety show “King of Mask Singer” sang passionately at Kim Yeon Woo’s concert.

During the concert, Kim Yeon Woo said, “I brought a guest to this concert,” and disappeared backstage. Soon after, Cleopatra appeared, with his usual mask getup. He sang “Phantom of the Opera” with Bae Da Hae, and also sang the songs that he has sung on the hit show.

After his performance, he said, “I’m honored to be a guest for Kim Yeon Woo, who I respect very much,” and added, “I’m very nervous.”

Meanwhile, “King of Mask Singer” is a program where singers sing while wearing masks on stage, eliminating any bias. Cleopatra has won fourth times in a row so far, and there are speculations that he may be Kim Yeon Woo himself.

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