Go Young Wook Released From Prison, Makes Public Statement on “Section TV”

Singer Go Young Wook, who was previous incarcerated for sexually assaulting and harassing three minors, has been released from prison.

The July 12 episode of MBC‘s entertainment news program “Section TV” showed his release from prison. In front of the reporters that have gathered, he announced, “I feel like I have caused a great concern, and I want to apologize again for what I’ve did.”

He further stated, “The two years and a half I spent here was difficult, but I also learned and experienced things I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for this place. It was also a time of reflection, to look back on my life.”

He also added, “There will be things I will have to live with now, but I’ll try my best to live a better life, with a new mindset.”

Go Young Wook will now have to wear a GPS-tracked anklet for three years.

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