“The Time We Were Not in Love” Experiences Production Changes a Second Time

SBS‘ weekend drama “The Time We Were Not in Love” underwent a production crew change for the second time and is having a rough time being fully prepared to shoot upcoming episodes.

The drama was off to a rough start because there were rumors that the director and the writer were not very fond of each other. The director contemplated dropping out of the drama but didn’t, and only the production crew changed its members before the first episode aired.

Now “The Time We Were Not In Love” production crew changed its members again after the fifth episode. SBS stated that the drama was not heading in the direction it wanted. Although it may be good for the plot of the drama, this kind of continuous change may not be great in the actors’ perspectives.

An affiliate of the drama said, “The atmosphere and the relationships between [the actors and staff members] are great, but we’re having a hard time because there isn’t enough time to prepare for each episode. We’re currently shooting [the drama] like it’s live. We actually feel apologetic towards great actors like Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won.”

The affiliate continued, “[The staff] needs a time of adjustment when there is a change in the production crew, but all of us are stuck in a tense atmosphere because the crew is very sensitive at the moment. Thankfully, the atmosphere during the actual shooting of the drama seems to be good thanks to actors like Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won.”

A lot of pressure seems to be on Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won because they need to lead the drama despite this behind-the-scenes issue. The drama needs to introduce new characters and advance its storyline, and the fans are supporting and cheering on the actors to pull through it well.

Meanwhile, “The Time We Were Not In Love” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10 p.m. KST.

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