INFINITE’s “Bad” Dominates Music Charts Immediately After Release

INFINITE is back with their fifth album “Reality,” and it looks like they are off to a great start because the album dominated music charts as soon as it was released.

INFINITE’s newest title song, “Bad,” ranked first place on Melon, Naver Music, Mnet, Genie, and more, just after one hour of its release, and other songs in the album topped the charts as well.

Since this marks INFINITE’s comeback after their “Be Back” promotion last July, the members have made sure that their performances and songs are fully satisfactory.

“Bad” was produced by producer Rphabet, who also made INFINITE’s title songs “Destiny” and “Back.” This new song features an EDM beat matched with INFINITE’s signature synchronized moves that everyone will enjoy.

Meanwhile, INFINITE will be holding a comeback showcase in Olympic Park today, July 13, at 8 p.m. KST.

Watch the music video for “Bad” here.

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