WINNER Mino’s Controversial Rap to Be Evaluated by Communication Standards Commission, “Show Me the Money” Responds

The Korea Communication Standards Commission has acknowledged that Mnet‘s “Show Me the Money 4” aired problematic lyrics, and has submitted the item to be evaluated.

They are deliberating on WINNER Mino‘s rap on the controversial July 10 broadcast of “Show Me the Money 4” where he said, “Open your legs like you’re at the gynecologist’s” and Lee Hyun Joon‘s, where he said, “Waiting like a woman’s eggs.”

An associate said, “Show Me the Money” was in trouble last year and was disciplined. They were monitoring the show closely this year from the very beginning, from preview to the actual broadcast. The broadcast on July 10 was also monitored and I think there is a significant issue.”

About this, “Show Me the Money” said, “We are looking into the misogynist controversy by Mino and Black Nut. We will speak with the production team and then make a statement.”

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“Show Me the Money” released an official apology, saying, “It is the production’s fault. We will edit more carefully from now on.” It explained that it has tried to produce the show in consideration of the broadcast standards and the feelings of the audience; however, this problem has occurred and they are sorry they caused the audience to feel uncomfortable and disappointed.

It concluded, “We will work hard to make a good program to make hip-hop and rappers well known.”

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