Seo Yuri Begs WINNER Fans to Stop Sending Her Threats for Alleged Statement About Mino

Broadcaster and voice actress Seo Yuri recently left a message on her personal SNS accounts begging fans of WINNER to stop leaving hateful comments and threats after allegedly making a statement about Mino’s lyric controversy.

On July 11, before the reports of Mino’s “Show Me the Money 4” controversy hit the media, Seo Yuri had posted on her personal Twitter account, “These days, it seems like there are people that think they were born from eggs on their own and not from their mothers…Oh, but I acknowledge Park Hyeokgeose.” [Park Hyeokgeose was the founding monarch of the Silla Kingdom, whose legend says he was born from an egg].

However, after fans of WINNER got a hold of this situation, they began to send threats and leave hateful comments on all of Seo Yuri’s SNS accounts for seemingly attacking Mino for his rap lyrics.

She attempted to explain her intentions, sharing, “I understand that fans may feel upset. I did not write those words with the intention of targeting anyone from the start. I have no knowledge or understanding of hip-hop. However, I was shocked while watching the program ‘Show Me the Money.’ I just couldn’t help but think that [the show] crossed the line of common thinking and reasoning.” However, the insults and threats continued.

Then, on July 13, Seo Yuri wrote a post on her Facebook asking the fans to put a halt to the hate:
“I am sincerely asking this of ‘WINNER’ fans.

There is currently swears and attacks that I can’t even bear to repeat pouring in through all of my SNS channels from fans of WINNER, or even people pretending to be fans.

Not just from our country, but [fans] from America and China have come [to leave messages] as well.

From the beginning, I have never mentioned a WINNER member’s name or uploaded a photo on my SNS.
I think the fans know this very well.

Furthermore, during this time when WINNER’s Song Minho has personally released an apology, I think fans, or fan impersonators, know very well that this behavior will not be of any help to Song Minho.

I am extremely distressed right now.
All I can do is watch over my mother who is hurt and unable to say anything as she reads all [of these comments] with her own eyes.

I ask of you, please stop.
Please tell others around you that are acting in this way to stop.

I hope that you truly think about what is the best thing that you can do right now for the star that you love.

I do not wish for this situation to get any bigger.
Thank you for reading this.”

Meanwhile, Mino received criticism for his controversial rap and choice of lyrics on the latest broadcast of “Show Me the Money 4,” to which he responded by formally issuing an apology.

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