INFINITE Talks About Getting Undergarments Thrown at Them During Concerts

INFINITE members Woohyun, Sungyeol, and L appeared as guests on the July 13 broadcast of KBS’ variety talk show “Hello Counselor” and shared a few concert stories.

During the episode, the show’s MCs brought up the topic of their upcoming world tour and the members revealed, “We’ll be starting in Seoul. Then we have plans to make concert stops in Italy, South America, and more.”

In the midst of this conversation, MC Shin Dong Yup mentioned that famous singers usually have accounts of female fans throwing their bra and underwear onto the stage at overseas concerts and asked if INFINITE has experienced this.

Woohyun shared that they have indeed had female fans throw their undergarments at them while performing. After hearing this, one of the MCs asked, “Who cleans it up?” to which Woohyun replied, “We don’t clean it up [while on stage], but we look at it,” causing laughter.

MC Lee Young Ja then asked if there were any concert locations where they would want to go on vacation, Sungyeol answered, “Thailand. If you go to Thailand, there are a lot of women who walk around in bikinis. Going to Thailand is healing,” inciting even more laughter.

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