INFINITE Reveals How They Got Past the ‘Five-Year Curse’ of Idol Groups

The members of INFINITE touched on the topic of the well-known ‘five-year curse’ of idol groups, which exists because there have been a number of groups that have not been able to stay together for more than five years and end up disbanding during their fifth year.

On July 13, INFINITE opened up their comeback showcase to celebrate the release of their fifth mini album “Reality.”

During the showcase, reporters asked the group, after successfully marking their fifth debut anniversary this year, how they have stuck it out until now.

Sungyeol responded, “There’s a saying that the average life span of an idol group is five years, but we don’t really think about that. As long as we have good teamwork, everything works out. We put more focus on getting along well.”

When asked if there’s a strategy to last longer, Woohyun explained, “We always need our fans by our side. We have a lot of events, like concerts, where we can spend time with our fans. That’s something we definitely plan on continuing.”

Sunggyu continued, “One thing we can confidently say is that we’re a team that holds a lot of concerts. We like doing concerts. From the beginning, we’ve always strived to be a group that is known for their concerts. I think that’ll become our strategy of becoming a team that lasts a long time.”

Dongwoo also added on, “We don’t any have anxious thoughts. We have a lot of ideas and the seven of us all like different music genres. We don’t stick to just one type of music. Through various unit groups and solo albums, we’re able to achieve different genres which is one of the reasons we’ve been able to stay together this long.”

Meanwhile, INFINITE has made a complete group comeback with new title track “Bad.”

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