Actress Allegedly Sexually Assaulted by Co-Actor Describes Scene in Detail, Actor Also Speaks Up

Recently, it was reported that an actress – who remains anonymous – was allegedly sexually assaulted by her co-actor on a movie set during a violent scene, in which a man comes home drunk and abuses his wife. However, the actress stated that what the actor did was not in the script, and that he went much further.

The actor said during investigations, however, “I think she should have brought up the issue during the shoot if she felt that was a problem.”

Initial reports carried sparse – and, according to the actress, some apparently false – detail, but Sports Chosun recently spoke to the actress in an exclusive interview released on July 13, where she discusses what happened and tells her side of the story in detail.

First, Sports Chosun asks the actress if the scene was ad-lib.

“His acting was most definitely not a normal ad-lib. It would be ridiculous for someone playing a murderer to actually murder someone. I have the experience and reputation that I’ve built up over more than 10 years, and I wouldn’t impulsively start something like this. I’m not someone who can’t distinguish between an ad-lib scene and sexual assault. I’m not calling a couple of ripped buttons sexual assault. I don’t even know where the button story came from, because I wasn’t wearing a button-up shirt; it was a white t-shirt.”

Sports Chosun says that they heard the scene was done in the view of the entire staff.

“It was told that the staff and director were all watching, but that’s not true. Space was tight, so it was just me, the other actor, the camera director, and an assistant. Everyone else was watching the monitor from the living room. The camera director and assistant were looking through the viewfinder, so they didn’t see what happened outside of that. People are questioning how someone could commit sexual assault when the whole staff is watching, but that’s not what happened. Right now the actor is only admitting to what was captured on camera, and nothing else.”

The actress gives a more detailed account of the situation.

“Before we went into the shoot, the actor and director had already discussed it. The scene would be shot mostly capturing our faces, and no lower body would be captured,” says the actress, who later explains further that the drama is rated fifteen plus. 

“It was decided that my shirt would only be pulled down far enough to reveal the bruise drawn on my shoulder, and then we got started. But as soon as the cameras started rolling, the scene changed. My t-shirt was entirely ripped, and my bra was ripped off, as well. And then the actor violently assaulted me, even leaving marks on my body. He started touching me and even tried to remove my pants.

Sports Chosun reports that the actress teared up while recalling the events of the shoot. They then bring up a possible reaction to her story: why did she not try to break away from the situation?

“I did everything I could to break away until the director yelled ‘cut.’ Because the cut is up to the director, it’s hard to give up before the director says so. I did everything I could to make the director say ‘cut’ and tried to leave the camera shot, but the actor had a grip on my neck, and would drag me back into the shot to continue the assault. And my clothes and underclothes were all ripped, so a retake was out of the question.”

She continues, “So much was going through my head at that moment. But I had trust in the director, and as an actress, it’s hard to give the cut signal myself. But I didn’t hear it. The director said later, ‘Through the monitor, I can’t tell if it’s assault or not,’ but reports stated that he said ‘It doesn’t look like sexual assault,’ and he was taken aback at that.”

Sports Chosun asks if she protested immediately after the scene was over.

“Afterwards, I couldn’t shake the shock and humiliation. As a woman and a human being, the shock and humiliation was so strong that after the scene ended, I immediately protested. But he didn’t even give me an apology. If he had apologized with sincerity on the spot, the situation probably wouldn’t have come this far. But the actor simply said, ‘I was just immersed in the scene. Didn’t it help your acting, too? Let’s move on to the next one.’”

The actress states that a couple of days later, the actor texted her and acknowledged his mistakes, saying he would step down from the show. “But in the end he showed up at a dinner with the staff and asked why he has to step down, arguing with the movie production company. I held it in and held it in, but eventually, in May, I reported it to the police.”

On whether she has any post-traumatic symptoms, the actress says, “Before I am an actress, I am a human being and a woman, and I had difficulty with why I have to keep quiet when I’ve been a victim of sexual assault. I thought it would get better with time, but the pain just becomes more and more vivid, and still I’ve been experiencing headaches and insomnia. As the victim, being labeled as an actress that ‘doesn’t understand what ad-lib is’ is just unbearable.”

The actress, when prompted, says that the actor in question is not Kim Bo Sung, who has unfortunately been caught up in the rumors about this case. “The actor in question has been dropped from the movie and replaced,” she says.

The actor has also spoken up, two weeks following the incident.

On July 14, the actor released a statement via his legal representative. His legal rep states in an interview, “There’s a lot of what’s been revealed that isn’t true. This isn’t fair. If you look at the script, there are definitely parts that can be interpreted differently.”

On why he hasn’t said anything up until now, the actor states, “We’re in the process of legal preparations, and because this time is extremely important, I haven’t yet taken any aggressive action.”

“Regardless of how wronged I feel, in order to protect both the person claiming she is the victim and myself, I’ve held my tongue. Within the week, I will be releasing an official statement,” says the actor.

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