Woollim Entertainment Addresses Rumors About Lovelyz’ Seo Ji Soo Rejoining the Group

Lovelyz’ agency Woollim Entertainment has addressed questions concerning member Seo Ji Soo rejoining the group after facing malicious rumors last year.

The agency commented, “There has been nothing decided regarding Seo Ji Soo joining Lovelyz. She is currently practicing with the members, but her rejoining the group has not been determined yet.”

They continued, “Lovelyz’ comeback has not been determined yet either.”

Earlier today a source had stated, “Seo Ji Soo has rejoined Lovelyz and is planning on making a comeback this summer.”

Last November, the girl group member faced spiteful rumors. Eventually, the rumors were found to be untrue and the individuals who started the rumors were penalized.

Would you like to see Seo Ji Soo​ return as a member of Lovelyz​?

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