Uijeongbu High Graduation Photos Go Viral: Students Parody Kim So Hyun, Jurassic World, and More

It’s that time of the year!

Uijeongbu High School’s graduation photos are going viral once again, as students dressed up to as various fictional characters, celebrities, political figures, and then some, for their graduation album.

The pictures have already gotten a considerable amount of media attention. Actress Kim So Hyun herself retweeted a picture of a student parodying her Pocari Sweat commercial, while a user from politically right community Ilbe reported images of a student dressed up as the President Park Geun Hye, causing yet another stir among netizens.

Check out some of the pictures from the event in the slideshow! Which do you think is the best?

uijeongbu 05

Here’s a student parodying “Jurassic World,” taming some raptors!

uijeongbu high 02

Kim So Hyun parody – he got the angle perfectly!

uijeongbu high 01

It must have been a pain to take that paint off afterwards.

uijeongbu high 04


uijeongbu high 03

One of the many “Mad Max: Fury Road” parodies that were seen at the photo shoot.

uijeongbu high 06

Here’s a student dressed up as Jeon Do Yeon in the movie “The Housemaid.”

uijeongbu high 11

Another “Mad Max” parody. Wow!

uijeongbu high 07

Master Roshi from Dragon Ball. 

uijeongbu high 08

A Coca-Cola bottle, for funsies!

uijeongbu 13

Black Nut from Show Me the Money 4.  

uijeongbu high 09

One of the several parodies of President Park Geun Hye.

uijeongbu high 12

And a Minion.

uijeongbu high 13

To wrap it up, here’s a student dressed up as a bottle of Soonhali, the trendiest soju in Korea of the moment.

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