NYC Animal Rights Group Protests Korea’s Dog-Eating Culture

On July 13, around 10 members of the NYC Animal Battalion gathered in front of the Korean Consulate General in New York and protested against Korea’s culture of eating dog meat.

Reportedly, the group chose July 13 specifically to protest because it marks Chobok, the first day of Bok-nal (also known as the Three Dog Days of Summer). These three days are supposed to be the summer’s hottest and most humid days according to the lunar calendar, and Koreans attempt to combat the heat with a tradition of consuming hot stews, usually dog stew but also chicken stew.

The NYC Animal Battalion used pickets with pictures of dogs in cages being transported away on trucks along with words like “South Korea stop this,” “Animal abuse cannot be justified with culture,” “Dogs are friends, not food,” and “Will you sell your best friend as dog meat for $70.”

Their website ( also asks for support from the public to put an end to Korea’s dog meat consumption culture.

What are your thoughts? Do you think dog meat consumption should be respected as part of Korean culture, or do you think it’s animal abuse and should be stopped?

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