“Mix & Match” Contestant Yang Hong Seok Becomes Cube Entertainment Trainee

An exclusive report by Ilgan Sports has reported that Yang Hong Seok, who was a contestant in YG Entertainment’s reality show “Mix & Match,” has signed a contract with Cube Entertainment.

After deciding to leave YG Entertainment last March, he had been preparing to enter a new agency. Cube Entertainment has signed him on as a trainee and will likely aid him in debuting. An industry insider stated, “Yang Hong Seok is very talented. It’s regretful that he was eliminated from ‘Mix & Match,’ but it was mostly due to lack of experience. If he continues to practice consistently and build his skills, he will succeed.”

Yang Hong Seok had previously joined the reality survival program as the last member, but gained a lot of love and attention with his attractive looks and soulful singing.

Mix and Match

Although he had initially decided to stay with YG Entertainment after being eliminated, he eventually parted ways with the agency.

Do you think Cube Entertainment is a better fit for him?

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