Clara Cleared of Charges Against Polaris CEO, CEO Now Charged With Blackmailing

Actress Clara, who was accused of blackmailing Il Gwang Gong Yeong CEO Lee Kyu Tae (also known as the Polaris Entertainment CEO because Polaris is part of the Il Gwang Gong Yeong Group), has been proven innocent in court.

The prosecutors are actually indicting her CEO with charges of blackmailing after acknowledging the possibility of his blackmailing the actress.

Clara was formerly charged with blackmailing in October of last year, when conflict arose between her and the CEO regarding termination of her contract. At the time, she had demanded a termination of contract due to feeling sexually harassed from CEO Lee’s messages. CEO Lee sued her for blackmailing, claiming that she has blackmailed him into terminating the contract.

The police forward this case to the prosecutors in March.

In May, Clara’s father, Lee Seung Kyu, told the prosecutors that “CEO Lee has actually blackmailed [them,] and asked [his daughter] to be an arms merchant lobbyist.”

During the investigation, the prosecutors found out that CEO Lee has threatened Clara in the past. In one instance, over dinner, he has allegedly said to her, “What can you gain from making me angry? The money I used for you can be used to bring you down.”

The prosecutors has thus determined that the actions taken by Clara were deemed appropriate. “Clara’s claims cannot be considered bluffed or ill-intended. Request of termination of contract is a right she can exercise, and the way she reacted was also considered acceptable.”

They continued to state that they found evidence of CEO Lee telling her to “cut ties with [her] managers and do as [he says],” which also proved their case against CEO Lee.

CEO Lee Kyu Tae has already been prosecuted and has been in custody for lobbying and fraud regarding weapons trading.

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