SONAMOO Reveals Futuristic “Cushion” MV Teaser

Girl group SONAMOO have released a music video teaser for their comeback album “Cushion.”

After revealing jacket images and individual teaser images, the members flaunt a very different image from their debut days. At first the girls can be seen wearing casual denim clothing in a colorful set. Then they appear to be transported to a more mysterious and edgy background while donning black and white patent leather clothing.

Their agency TS Entertainment has commented, “At first we had a hip hop concept ‘Old School,’ but this album’s concept is ‘Future School.’ We aspire to portray forward-oriented, trendy music and styling.”

Sonamoo2 Sonamoo3

Meanwhile, SONAMOO worked with producer EastWest and rapper WuNo for their latest song which will be fully revealed on July 20. The group plans on having their comeback showcase at Yes24’s Muv Hall in Hongdae.

Watch the teaser below!

What do you think of their latest concept?

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