“Superman Returns” PD Says They Do Not Know If Song Il Gook Will Step Down From the Show

After confirming that a new family will be joining the showSuperman Returns” producer Kang Bong Kyu announced that the show cannot be having any of its current families leave.

During a call with news site MyDaily, PD Kang Bong Kyu said, “Lee Dong Gook has decided to appear on the show, but due to his schedule, he cannot participate regularly like the other parents. So we are currently in a situation where the current members cannot step down.”

He continued, “Many people are wondering if a family will be leaving with the addition of Lee Dong Gook, but currently, Lee Dong Gook can only participate in limited ways. He needs to take days off to shoot for the show. We think it may be difficult for him to be a regular on the program.”

Regarding Song Il Gook, who was earlier reported to be possibly stepping down from “Superman Returns” to be part of KBS‘ drama “Jang Young Sil,” the producer commented, “As of now, he has not talked to us about the drama or stepping down from the show,” adding, “I am also curious to see what decision Song Il Gook will make.”

He further stated that he would like to continue working with Song Il Gook and the triplets. “Truthfully, I do want to continue working with him. This is probably the same for our staff and the viewers. However, it all depends on the decision Song Il Gook will make.”

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