NS Yoon-G Responds to Accusations Claiming She Lied About Attending UCLA

Singer NS Yoon-G recently responded to the accusations of a netizen claiming that she had lied about her academic background.

On July 15, NS Yoon-G replied to a netizen’s tweet that reads, “I hope you straighten out your university education background so that all of your efforts until now don’t crumble at once. I really hope something you’ll regret greatly later on does not happen.”

In response, the singer tweeted back, “I have never lied about my educational background. Just as it states on my profile, I was admitted into and attended University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) before I came out to Korea for my debut. Please don’t leave messages like this.”

ns yoon-g twitter

It was previously revealed that she studied both dance and communications as a double major at UCLA before debuting as a singer in Korea.

Meanwhile, NS Yoon-G is currently in the middle of promotions after making a comeback with her single album “Honey Summer” on June 19.

What are your thoughts on these accusations?

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