Girls’ Generation Releases Cute and Dorky Teasers for New Reality Show

Update 07/17: OnStyle drops a preview of the first episode.

Girls’ Generation
 show off their individual charms in teasers for their upcoming reality show “Channel Girls’ Generation.”

It will feature the eight members developing their own concepts for the show in order for them to reveal their own content on subjects that interest them. In addition to individual content, the members will be flaunting their group chemistry as they reveal a side of themselves that has not been previously seen.

The first teaser features the members’ unique traits. It appears as though Tiffany will take on a director concept while Yuri will focus on beauty and health. As for Sooyoung, her title suggests something involving fashion and clothes. Seohyun will be revealing the double life of a maknae. Next, Sunny might be taking on some challenges as a bright and cheerful girl. YoonA’s section will incorporate food and Taeyeon could be a DIY master of sorts. Lastly, Hyoyeon shows off some dance skills. In order to find out what the girls will be teaching and revealing for sure, we’ll have to check out the reality show.

As for the second teaser, the group gives information about how you can watch a digital preview of the show through Naver TV Cast on July 16.

Here’s a bonus clip of Seohyun being afraid of a bug!

Meanwhile, the first episode will air on cable channel OnStyle on July 21 at 9 p.m. KST.

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