2PM Junho’s Action Skills Praised by “Memories of the Sword” Co-Star Lee Byung Hun

Actor Lee Byung Hun says he can’t believe that the film “Memories of the Sword” is 2PM member Junho‘s first foray into the world of martial arts acting.

Junho debuted with 2PM in 2008, and has since starred in the recent hit 2015 film “Twenty.” The upcoming movie “Memories of the Sword” will be his first time appearing in a historical film. He plays the character Yool who pledges his loyalty to Lee Byung Hun’s character in order to become the master of the sword. The film also stars Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Go Eun.

It’s said that Junho didn’t shy away from putting his all into the filming of each and every memorable scene.

His co-star Lee Byung Hun says, “He’s incredibly agile, maybe because dancing is second nature to him. I didn’t even believe it when I heard it was his first time doing an action film.”

“Memories of the Sword” will be hitting theaters this August.


Check out the trailer below!

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