Tasty Announces Plans to Halt Activities in Korea; Agency Woollim Responds

The Chinese duo Tasty, who debuted in the K-pop scene in 2012 under Woollim Entertainment, have announced that they will not be continuing their activities in Korea.

Tasty is composed of twins Daeryong and Soryong, who most recently dropped their digital single entitled “Addiction” in August 2014.

On July 15, the duo posted a statement on their official Weibo. “Hello, this is Daeryong and Soryong,” they say. “We’re announcing that after eight years, our time in Korea is coming to an end. There were many things that we could not negotiate with our company, and after much consideration we have come to this decision.”

They add, “Although our time in Korea is ending, we won’t stop making music.”

On July 16, a representative from Woollim Entertainment responded. “We have been working hard to support Tasty’s various activities and fulfill our joint goals,” they say. “We completed recording a new song with the goal of Tasty staging a simultaneous Korean and Chinese comeback in June, but then we confirmed that Daeryong and Soryong had suddenly left for China without notice. After that, they cut off all communications with the agency.”

“We have seen their social media posting,” the representative continues. “But we still don’t think that this is the worst-case scenario. We’re currently waiting to hear from Daeryong and Soryong.”

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