Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s Affordable Yet Chic Fashion Sense Is Revealed on “One Night”

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun may be a celebrity, but she still loves a great deal!

Seohyun was recently seen wearing a cute patterned dress on her way to a music show. But when netizens went looking for the dress, they were shocked by the price.

On July 15’s episode of “One Night of TV Entertainment,” a reporter is sent to track down the dress in store. They go to a local H&M and find the dress on a mannequin. They then reveal that the dress is being sold for 17,000 won (around $15 USD). The same dress is currently sold in the United States for $12.99 USD.


A representative from H&M has stated that people have been coming in to stores, showing staff members articles about Seohyun’s dress and asking where they can find it.

A stylist from Seohyun’s agency SM Entertainment explains, “The outfit in question is something that Seohyun bought herself. Seohyun doesn’t usually buy expensive clothing to wear. She buys things that are affordable, and that are fitting for those like her who are around the age of a university student. In reality, she’s very economical.”

Seohyun is currently busy promoting Girls’ Generation’s new comeback track “Party.” She’s also preparing for the group’s new reality show “Channel Girls’ Generation,” which will air its first episode on July 21!

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