Sophia Pae Reveals “I Will Love You” Teaser Featuring Soo Hyun and Kim Hyun Joon

Singer-songwriter Sophia Pae (also known as Su Jung Pae) has revealed a music video teaser for her debut single “I Will Love You” on July 16.

The teaser features actors Soo Hyun (Claudia Kim) and Kim Hyun Joon. Set in the streets of Budapest, Hungary, the actress discovers the actor and follows him. Subsequently, we see some flashbacks into happier times between the couple. Lastly, Soo Hyun is closing her eyes while laying on grass as she presumably revisits the past. Meanwhile, we also hear Sophia Pae’s soulful voice in the teaser.

Fans will able to see more of the actors’ chemistry when the R&B ballad song and music video is released on July 22.

Watch the teaser below!

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