4Minute’s Jihyun and Gayoon Discuss Chances of Dating Other Cube Entertainment Stars

4Minute’s Gayoon and Jihyun recently did a photo shoot and interview for @Star1′s August issue.

When they were asked, “There are many stars housed in Cube Entertainment. Is there any chance of you guys dating someone from the same company?” Jihyun replied, “Unless someone we like ends up signing with our company, that will never happen.”

Gayoon chimed in, “We have no chance [of being in a relationship with other housed stars]. All of us know each other’s pasts so well that we can’t have romantic feelings for one another,” and laughed.

jihyun gayoon2

When asked, “When is the last time you guys dated?” Gayoon answered, “You can say that we’ve never dated since we debuted. Honestly, I can’t handle the thought of someone liking me.”

Jihyun said, “All the [4Minute] members are worried for Gayoon because we think that her ability to date has disappeared. Gayoon’s daily life is just boring.”

If you want to read more of Gayoon and Jihyun’s interview, check out @Star1’s July issue!

Are there any Cube Entertainment stars that you could picture dating?

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