[UPDATED] Rain Rumored to Be Returning With a New Album This Fall

According to an exclusive report by Star News, singer-actor Rain will be returning to the music scene during the second half of this year.

On July 17, a music industry insider revealed that Rain is planning to make a comeback to the stage this coming fall. The release date for his new album is currently aimed for October. It is said that Rain and his agency are still in discussion over the exact comeback time frame.

Since releasing his double title tracks “30SEXY” and “LA SONG” from his sixth full-length album “RAIN EFFECT” in January of last year, Rain has not been active with new music.


The star’s agency Cube Entertainment stated, “Although he has been consistently working on songs as a singer, there are no plans for him to make a comeback as a singer in October. He is currently looking for his next project as an actor and is coordinating overseas activities.”

Would you rather see him making a comeback as a singer or as an actor?

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