Im Seulong Lands Role in Web Drama “Love Cells 2”

Im Seulong has been cast in the new web drama “Love Cells 2.” He will be playing the charming star chef Park Tae Joon, who thinks love is nothing but a luxury.

He will be acting alongside Kim Yoo Jung who will be reprising her role as a “love cell” named Nebi. The star chef claims that he can date, but is just choosing not to.

Kim Yoo Jung will have a more important role in “Love Cells 2” in that she helps the main character regain his memories and put the puzzle pieces of his love life back together.

“Love Cells 2” will wrap up its casting calls and start filming soon.

Meanwhile, Im Seulong last acted in tvN’s “Hogu’s Love” as a lawyer who questions his sexuality due to his strange attraction to his friend, Kang Ho Gu (Choi Woo Shik).

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