Solji Refuses to Introduce Any EXID Member to Her Brother

EXID’s Solji had a nice date with her brother on the recent episode of “EXID’s Showtime,” where they discussed which EXID member he likes the most.

Her brother asks, “If you could set up a date for me with one of the EXID members, who would you pick?” and Solji blurts out her own name without hesitation.

solji showtime2

However, her brother puts on a straight face and says, “I don’t like her. I like someone else.” Solji replies, “Hani’s bloodtype is AB. You won’t get along with her.”

Her brother refutes, “But my last girlfriend was bloodtype AB,” and continues to show interest in Hani. “You wanted me to say Hani, didn’t you.” Her brother continues, “I like strong girls.”

solji exid showtime

Solji jokes, “Fine, I’ll introduce her,” and then says, “In your dreams. I can’t introduce a member of my family to anyone I know.”

Do you think Solji’s brother will meet Hani one day?

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