KARA’s Sister Group April Kicks Off Debut Promotions With Official Logo and SNS Accounts!

After almost seven years, DSP Media, housing KARA, Rainbow, and more, has finally debuted a new girl group named April!

DSP Media recently posted on its official Twitter account the official logo for April as well as the group’s new homepage and SNS account.

The pink heart in April’s official logo blends well with its name which also symbolizes the group’s unfilled heart that hopes to become full with fans’ love.

On the official homepage, the logo’s heart can be seen beating as the hours count down to their debut! 

DSP Media states, “We will officially kick off April’s debut preparations with the launching of their official homepage. We will release each member’s teaser videos one by one starting on July 20 so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, the name April is the combination of “A,” meaning the best, and “Pril,” standing for lovely femininity.

What are your opinions on this new girl group?

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