How to Differentiate Between Authentic and Counterfeit Cushion Foundations

It has recently been revealed that fake cushion foundations have been created and are being distributed as the craze for the extremely popular products grows.

SBS reported that there have been numerous copies of Amorepacific cushion foundations. These imitations include authentic looking labels which make it difficult to differentiate between real and fake products.

Amorepacific is the company that originally created cushion foundations. Famous brands such as Laneige, Innisfree, Etude House, HERA, Mamonde and more are a part of this company.

Unfortunately, amongst nine cushion foundations purchased from various internet shopping malls, two have been found to be fake.

The original perpetrator who distributed these fake goods has been placed under arrest. However, buyers who purchased from him did not know the products were fake and continued to sell them.

Numerous individuals have commented online that the fake goods were strange and very different from real ones.

A specialist notes that differentiating between the real and fake cushion foundations can be difficult, but still possible. First, look at the pin that keeps the cap and cushion pieces connected. If there is a hole in the pin, the product is real. If there is no hole in the pin, then the product is a fake.

Real vs Fake Cushion Foundations

Another way to tell apart genuine and imitation products is by their scents. Authentic Amorepacific cushion foundations will have a refreshing yuja/yuzu scent while counterfeit products will have a strong generic cosmetics scent. Also, legitimate products are lighter in color.

When one uses a fake cushion foundation, it does not blend and adhere to skin properly.

Meanwhile, authorities are currently investigating where these counterfeit products are being manufactured as well as how many have been distributed.

The best way to avoid purchasing these fake cushion foundations is to purchase directly from Amorepacific brand stores and reputable sites like Memebox (for U.S. residents) and YesStyle.

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