Top K-Drama Moments From the Second Week Of July

These top K-Drama scenes had us abusing the replay button. If you want to know why, then take a gander at our list!

1. “Mask”: I Love You

We’re suckers for romance, so, please allow us to squeal in glee!

After a rough start, Min Woo and Fake Eun Ha have found common ground and fallen in love.

When Ji Sook overhears the evil Suk Hoon insructing someone over the phone to finish someone off, she understandably freaks out upon learning that Min Woo is hurt.

She runs and runs and runs to him only to arrive at the hospital and find him with a tiny bruise on his head. When her now worried husband asks her if she’s okay, she confesses that she loves him. Yes! It’s about time and just what these two need to conquer the evil coming their way.

2. “Oh My Ghost”: Quadruple kiss

We love this moment because it was both passionate and unique. We’re already familiar with triple kisses from spring break but a quadruple one? Involving only two bodies? Only in a K-Drama.

If there’s anything Sun Woo longs for, it’s his friend So Hyung. So, when he’s sick, the one person who he wishes would tend to him is none other than his crush. Unfortunately, she’s tied up with work, and the only person available to take care of him is Soon Ae in Bong Sun’s body. However, when he wakes up delirious, he sees So Hyung’s beautiful face and does the one thing a man full of germs can do in that situation: Kiss her! Since Soon Ae is very aroused, she responds rather enthusiastically … and then, we get a very sensual kiss involving Sun Woo kissing Soon Ae in Bong Sun’s body while imagining her as So Hyung. Hmmm … As we said, only in a K-Drama!

3. “My Love Eun Dong”: True family


When he meets Ra Il, it doesn’t take long for Eun Ho to realize that he is the real father of Eun Dong’s child. After confirming this with Eun Dong and confronting Jae Ho, he goes to his sister’s home, where Ra Il is spending the night. As he continues to take in the revelation, Eun Ho lays next to the sleeping boy. For a while, he just stares at Rail and studies his face. He holds his hand as he basks in awe at what his love for Eun Dong has created. All night until morning, the father and his son sleep side-by-side facing each other. Although he has only met Ra Il, it is clear that Eun Ho loves the boy as though he has raised him since birth. We hope that they will become a family, but for this boy, who loves a different father he has known all his life, Eun Ho will also sacrifice his own happiness.

4. “The Time We Were Not In Love”: Ain’t gonna happen, girl!


When Ha Na and Won’s date is crashed by So Eun, our heroine resigns herself to being the third wheel. During their picnic, however, it is clear that So Eun is the outsider, and things quickly become worse for her when the trio head to the batting cages. Won puts Ha Na up to batting, knowing full well she sucks at it. Sure enough, she misses every ball, but Won steps in for some hands-on training. Standing behind Ha Na, he wraps his arms around her, putting them in an intimate position as he teaches her the proper technique to hit the ball. Outside of their orbit and looking through the window, So Eun watches them, obviously jealous. When Won returns inside and joins her, So Eun tries to get Won to give her the same lesson Ha Na received. He acts clueless, however, and offers her advice: Buy more tries and hit the ball with all she can.

Hey, we would also love for Won to teach us how to swing a bat, but we know the intimate hands-on stuff is reserved for Ha Na, which we don’t feel bad about at all.

5. “Scholar Who Walks The Night”: Hands off!

When Sung Yeol and Yang Sun first meet, he asks her to find the memorandum of the Crown Prince. The serious atmosphere of this meeting is broken when a chipmunk hidden in her sleeves escapes and gets in his clothes. She quickly chases it, and as she frantically searches his hanbok, she’s touching his very private areas as well. He coolly puts up with it, though, his discomfort is evident on his face, which she notes is more beautiful than even a woman’s.

Despite his ability to handle her groping and open admiration, he couldn’t withstand the scent of her blood. She is rushed out of the room by his assistant as his features change, and he reveals he is a vampire.

This is definitely an interesting start to an interesting relationship, and we are craving more of these two!

6. “High Society”: The break-up … or not

Ji Yi has finally gathered courage to break up with Chang Soo when they meet at the park. He listens as she tells him to end their relationship. He seems collected, but tears trickle down his face. As they stand there crying, it begins to rain. Chang Soo asks Ji Yi if they should really break up on a rainy day. Ji Yi wavers and decides they shouldn’t. The rain gets heavier, so, Chang Soo grabs Ji Yi’s hand and they run to his car. He hands her a towel, but rather than dry herself, she pats it on Chang Soo’s hair. Inside the car, the mood shifts as the lovers’ stares blow up with passion and kiss. How can they even think of breaking up now?! They should stay together like this forever!

That’s all for now! Please share your thoughts below, and catch our new batch of K-Drama moments next week!

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