Song Triplets Tackle Their Second Camping Adventure on “Superman Returns”

The Song triplets previously had a difficult trip on their first camping trip earlier this year. The upcoming 87th episode of “Superman Returns” will feature the triplets try camping once again with upgraded equipment.

Unfortunately, it appears as though their camping adventure meets struggles from the very start. Song Il Gook forgets to bring key cooking ingredients including fermented soybean paste and red pepper paste. Also, mosquitoes plague the twins as they try to fight them off with electronic insect zapping rackets.

Song Family

Minguk pleads to his father, “Dad, let’s ride the car and escape.” This comment comes only an hour after the tent has been set up and is reminiscent of their last experience in which they left after only an hour. However, now that the triplets are older, they deliberately try to help their father save their camping trip.

They brothers decide to take empty bowls to ask nearby campers for cooking ingredients. To find out whether they are successful in their mission and avoid getting distracted by all the delicious camping food, watch the episode on July 19 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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