Taecyeon Says Lee Seo Jin and Choi Ji Woo Are Like a Married Couple

It appears as though Lee Seo Jin and Choi Ji Woo are continuing their love line on “Three Meals a Day” after showing off their romance on “Grandpas Over Flowers.” Described as a family member rather than a guest, Choi Ji Woo feels right at home at the “Three Meals a Day” set and makes everyone else feel comfortable as well.

Choi Ji Woo Lee Seo Jin

Even Taecyeon notices the couple’s chemistry as he comments, “This is the most comfortable I have seen Seo Jin hyung. They have a married couple-like chemistry. I think they have already passed the dating stage. The way they bicker is beautiful.”


After the actress arrives at the house on the July 17 episode of the show, she notes how comfortable and at home she feels. She also jokes and requests a bouquet. Interestingly enough, when Lee Seo Jin first greets the actress he says, “Why did you come suddenly? You didn’t say anything when we met a few days ago.”

Na Young Suk PD reveals his surprise and asks, “Do you guys have that kind of relationship?” Lee Seo Jin vaguely responds, “We see each other often.”

The pair continue to bicker cutely throughout the episode. More of their married couple antics can be seen in the next episode of “Three Meals a Day” on July 24 at 9:45 p.m. KST.

Do you want to see this couple get married in real life?

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