Jay Park Enraged at Mnet for Editing Out His Performance on “Show Me the Money 4”

AOMG‘s Jay Park recently expressed his anger towards the crew of “Show Me the Money 4” for editing out his performance.

On July 17, Jay Park wrote on his Twitter, “So this is how they edit. They don’t even show a second of us rapping. Wow! Fine. How can a rap, hip-hop program edit out just that? This is a bit too much. And what’s with LOCO‘s performance being completely edited out…”

jay park twitter

On the recent episode of “Show Me the Money 4,” Jay Park said, “We’ll show the people why we are here. We’ll show them what AOMG is all about.” LOCO also said, “We spent over 5 million won (approx 4,300 USD) preparing for this stage.”

Mnet responded to this situation, saying, “We couldn’t help editing because of the limited show time. We will release the full performance later.”

On July 18, an affiliate of Mnet stated, “We worked it out with Jay Park over the phone. We’ve solved the misunderstanding.”

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