G-Dragon and Taeyang Designate Kwanghee as Their Muse on “Infinity Challenge”

As “Infinity Challenge” music festival is officially under preparations, one of the most surprising teams on the show got together for the first time on the latest episode of the popular variety show.

On July 18 broadcast of “Infinity Challenge,” show cast member Kwanghee met up with his partners G-Dragon and Taeyang to get to know each other better.

G-Dragon told him, “Before participating, we decided we wanted to collaborate with Kwanghee. It felt like it would be a new challenge.” He further added, “If we picked the other members, it would have been easy, but you are a new challenge to us. It’s shocking.”

Taeyang also said, “We’re going to start from the very beginning. It will be an opportunity for us to improve as well. You are now our muse and leader. You have to show us who you really are so we can write the song.”

“Infinity Challenge” will be having its fifth music festival this year, as it will also celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary.

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