BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Boasts About Seungri’s Singing Skills on “Infinity Challenge”

On this week’s episode of “Infinity Challenge,” Kwanghee heads to karaoke with his music festival dream team members BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang.

G-Dragon and Taeyang take him there both because they want to see how well he can sing, and also so they can bond as a team. The trio sing BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” at Kwanghee’s insistence, but G-Dragon hits the cancel button before it finishes. Kwanghee gets upset and asks him why he turned it off. “I saw enough,” replies G-Dragon, smiling. “I saw you do it, you’re not too bad!”


Kwanghee grins and says, “I’m great at Seungri’s part!” G-Dragon bursts out laughing and can’t even look at Kwanghee.


“Seungri is a good singer,” he says to Kwanghee. This totally shocks Kwanghee, who starts to whine, but G-Dragon insists, “Our Seungri is a seriously good singer.”

“How could you call him ‘our Seungri’, how could you do that to me?!” replies Kwanghee jealously. “You said we were friends!”


“Our Kwanghee is a good singer,” concedes G-Dragon. “But our Seungri is also a good singer.”


Kwanghee then reveals that he practiced singing by shadowing Seungri’s parts in BIGBANG songs, and he gives them a bit of a taste of his imitation. “Oh, it’s similar…” says G-Dragon, but when Kwanghee presses him to admit that he sounds like Seungri, G-Dragon just repeats, “Our Seungri is a good singer.”

Watch the rest of their group karaoke session on July 18’s episode of “Infinity Challenge”!

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