Super Junior’s Yesung Talks About Returning With “Devil” After Being Away in the Army

Super Junior‘s comeback with their single “Devil” features member Yesung‘s return to the stage after two years of army service. In an interview held in the group’s dressing room at “Music Bank” on July 17, Yesung talks about what it feels like to be joining Super Junior on stage once again.

“I’ve finally returned after a long time away. When I used to watch the other members performing on stage, I wanted to be up there together with them,” he says. “But now that I’m back here, it doesn’t feel totally real. Instead, I feel like I never left.”

Yesung explains that while he was serving in the army as a public servant, he took half a day off work on the days when his band mates were staging their comeback with “Mamacita” and when Kyuhyun released his solo album.

“I was talking happily with the members, and then they all went to perform ‘Mamacita,’ so I was left alone. I felt like I was going to cry. So ‘Devil’ is a really special album for me,” he says.

Yesung recently revealed on “Radio Star” that he had run into former member Hangeng at a sale at a clothing store. In his interview on July 17, he explains, “Honestly, I wanted to talk about the members who can’t join us on TV shows. So I talked about Hangeng. That had been the first time I’d seen Hangeng in a really long time, and so I was happy to see him. I enjoyed it because although he’s not active with Super Junior right now, he’s still a member of the group in my mind.”

Ever since he was discharged from the army in early May, Yesung has been busy with sub-unit Super Junior K.R.Y concerts in Japan and preparing for Super Junior’s comeback. However, it seems he’ll be getting even busier in the future, as Super Junior K.R.Y will be holding their second Korean concert in August.

When asked about the possible release of a Super Junior K.R.Y Korean album, Yesung replies, “Actually, Super Junior K.R.Y was supposed to have an album come out in Korea in 2007 or 2008, but because of various matters it was delayed and we haven’t yet been able to do it.”

According to one source, Yesung says at this point, “As always, it seems like you can look forward to it.” However, another source quotes him as saying, “You can look forward to it this year.” According to the same source, he also says that fans can get excited about a future solo album. Hopefully if these are really happening in the near future, confirmation will come from SM Entertainment soon!

Super Junior are currently promoting their comeback single “Devil” off their special tenth anniversary album.

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