Kim Jae Dong Says His Mother Refused the Money He Gave Her and Accused Him of Stealing

Kim Jae Dong revealed that he gave his first earnings to his mother, but that it was rejected after his mother accused him of stealing.

On the July 19 episode of JTBC‘s “Kim Jae Dong’s Talk to You,” he spoke with about 400 audience members about the topic ‘mistake.’

During the broadcast, Kim Jae Dong reveals, “After I earned money for the first time as a recreation instructor, I gave it to my mother, but she didn’t take it. She said she couldn’t take money that was stolen. I slept during the day and worked for five hours at night, and she said, if this isn’t stealing, what is?”

Kim Jae Dong also reveals, “My mother couldn’t believe that I, who never talked at home, would talk outside the house. She was also always busy trying to hide me [from her friends].” He then adds, “Now that I think back, they are fun memories.”

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