Jung Joon Young Visits His Parents’ Jeju House for the First Time on “1 Night, 2 Days”

Jung Joon Young visited his parents’ house on Jeju Island for the first time as part of “1 Night, 2 Days,” gathering interest.

On the July 19 episode of KBS2‘s “1 Night, 2 Days,” the members all travel to Jeju Island to meet Jung Joon Young’s parents.

The members are all surprised when they reach the house, which is a mud house that was built by his parents themselves. It also has a beautiful, well-kept garden and a vegetable garden, putting the members in awe.

However, when they reach the house, Jung Joon Young himself says, “I’m here for the first time thanks to ‘1 Night, 2 Days.’ This is the first time I came here after ‘Superstar K‘ ended,” confessing that he’s not too familiar with the Jeju house.

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His father talks about the reason why he decided to relocate to Jeju, saying, “I used to work abroad a lot, and whenever I came to Jeju, I always made such great memories. We came to Jeju for our honeymoon, too. I always thought that I’d like to live here.”

Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young’s mother also talks about their past, saying, “We moved around a lot because of Joon Young’s dad, but he always adjusted well and never said he was having a hard time.” She then muses, “It’s true he doesn’t like losing, but he’s not a spiteful person. But on ‘1 Night, 2 Days,’ he comes off especially spiteful,” showing off her close relationship with her son.

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