“Superman Returns” Triplet Minguk Cleans Up for Manse After Eating

Actor Song Il Gook’s middle triplet, Minguk, displayed his thoughtful and mature behavior on the latest episode of “Superman Returns.

On the July 19 broadcast of KBS’ variety program “Superman Returns,” the Song triplets—Daehan, Minguk, and Manse—helped their dad out by cleaning after themselves after finishing up their meals.

On this day, Song Il Gook prepared cereal for the triplets’ breakfast before going to the living room sofa to rest while they ate.

When the boys called for their dad after they were done eating, Song Il Gook pretended not to hear them and waited to see how they would respond.

Seeing that their dad was tired, Minguk and Daehan came down from their seats. Minguk took the bowls to the sink while Daehan wiped the food that had fallen on the bib.

After seeing this, Song Il Gook asked Minguk to help Manse, who was sitting alone at the dining table. Minguk quickly ran over to Manse and asked, “Did you finish eating?” When Manse said he was, Minguk cleaned up Manse’s bowl and bib, showing his maturity as a two-minute older brother.


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