Lee Joon Reveals Charismatic Black and White Pictorial for GQ Korea

Actor Lee Joon revealed a fierce pictorial for men’s magazine GQ Korea.

On July 20, Lee Joon’s pictorial and interview were released. Even in the black and white photos, Lee Joon is charismatic and handsome as always.

In the interview that followed, Lee Joon talked about his movie, “Guest.” He said, “I learned so much from my seniors, and I made a friend called Chun Woo Hee.” He also showed his passion and humility at the same time, saying, “I have infinite confidence in myself. I’d like to walk at the same pace as the other actors my age. Although I may be late, I’d like to be able to follow them without falling behind.”

Meanwhile, Lee Joon’s full pictorial and interview for GQ Korea will be revealed through the August issue.

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