[BREAKING] Sunye and Sohee Officially Announce Withdrawal from Wonder Girls

It has officially been announced that Sunye and Sohee will no longer be a part of the Wonder Girls.

While there were previously talks of the possibility of them rejoining the group, JYP Entertainment has formally announced through a press release on July 20: “Sunye and Sohee, who have promoted as members of the Wonder Girls, have withdrawn from the team. As a result, the Wonder Girls will be promoting as a four-member group (Yeeun, Yubin, Sunmi, and Hyelim).”

As for the reason for their withdrawal, JYPE explained, “In order for her to devote more to her family life, [Sunye] has withdrawn [from the group] as well as terminated her contract. Sohee has also decided to withdraw because she desires to focus on the work that she wants to do.”

The press release also states, “Even for this upcoming [Wonder Girls] album, Sunye and Sohee did not hold back their support for all the members. They will continue to encourage one another and remain good friends. Please show a lot of love and anticipation for the Wonder Girls’ future activities.”

As previously reported, the Wonder Girls will be making a comeback as a four-member band in August.

Are you sad to hear this news?

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