Cleopatra’s Identity Finally Revealed on “King of Mask Singer”

On the July 19 episode of “King of Mask Singer,” Cleopatra finally met his match.

A fresh voice on the show, Tungki, came out guns blazing, eliciting a standing ovation from the judges and cheers all around, with a powerful performance of Kim Kyung Ho’s “People Who Make Me Sad.” Kim Gu Ra says from the panel, “Finally someone’s here to beat Cleopatra,” and Kim Hyung Suk likewise says, “It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten goosebumps from someone singing. I got goosebumps today.”

Even Cleopatra stepped out following Tungki’s performance to practice a bit more in his dressing room, something he doesn’t normally do. Indeed, Tungki moved on to the final round with a resounding victory, with the largest margin of points that “King of Mask Singer” has yet to see: 91 to 8.

Cleopatra came out and didn’t fail to deliver yet again, giving quite the jaw-dropping performance to defend his title:

In the end, however, Cleopatra’s turn to remove his mask finally came, after much speculation as to his identity and many memorable performances. And it seems he was, to some capacity, relieved. He said, “Mom, I can finally say it now,” although, fans of the show were more or less already certain of Cleopatra’s identity.

He says, finally showing his face, “I’m Kim Yeon Woo, as you may already have known. The secretive atmosphere, despite everyone pretty much knowing, was really fun. I was in our apartment elevator with two other people – they were a couple. They weren’t saying anything, but suddenly as they were getting off, they said, ‘It’s you, right? You’re Cleopatra?’ I remember saying no, and denying. Those kinds of things were really fun, too.”

After a 10-week reign and four consecutive victories, Cleopatra has finally seen a successor on “King of Mask Singer.”

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