Rapper’s Performance at Recent “Show Me the Money 4” Recording Brings Filming to Halt For Several Hours

Show Me the Money 4” has run into yet another bump in the road, this time due to noise stemming from Black Nut’s performance during the July 11 recording for the show, which was revealed to have actually suspended the recording for three to four hours while the production team had an emergency meeting.

According to reports, Black Nut performed an extremely suggestive rap, including a physical performance of sorts emulating sexual intercourse with a blow-up doll.

On the afternoon of July 20, Mnet said, “We wrapped up the planned recording for the day, and after it was over, we had a meeting with the producers and staff. We will create the broadcast with in accordance with broadcast regulations.”

One music industry insider who was on the set said, “I wonder if this kind of performance is really necessary in a rap battle. [The show] is already on the receiving end of various criticisms and there are boundaries to keep, but this really isn’t it. Something needs to be changed.”

Another source from the set stated, “This performance by Black Nut is an important one, in which he begins competition with another contestant, so it is likely to hit the air in one way or another.”

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