Update: Wonder Girls Showcase Their Instrumental Chops in Individual Teasers

Update 07/24: Member Ye Eun takes on the keys in the fourth instrument teaser video.

Update 07/23: Member Hyerim shreds the electric guitar in the third instrument teaser video.

Update 07/22: The second instrument teaser video stars member Yubin on the drums.

Wonder Girls has finally released the first tease of their hotly-anticipated comeback after a three-year hiatus.

JYP Entertainment has already announced that Wonder Girls will be promoting not as a dance group but a four-member band this time around, but Wonderfuls were probably still not ready for the amount of sultry and skill in this new instrument teaser video featuring former member-turned-current member Sunmi.

It’s just Sunmi, her bass, and an amp in the teaser, but that’s all she needs in this bewitching bass solo.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls have reportedly already wrapped up filming for their comeback music video, which is slated for released on August 3.

Check out the instrument video teaser below, and share with us your thoughts!