“Three Meals a Day” Explains Why Minky Was Leashed in Latest Episode in Response to Animal Cruelty Accusations

Recently, netizens have been criticizing the show “Three Meals a Day” for its latest episode showing Minky chained up to her dog house even after she gave birth to her puppies.


Some are claiming that this is animal cruelty and they are demanding answers from the staff.

Viewers said on messaging boards, “I think the staff has to say something if the message board is this crowded with comments about Minky. If the viewers are misunderstanding, please post a justification. If you don’t [post anything], we will confirm that you mistreated Minky,” and, “Minky was chained before and after she gave birth. She has to come first before anything else. Minky has to be safe and comfortable so that the viewers can enjoy watching the show, too.”

In response, the staff of “Three Meals a Day” stated, “There’s an explanation as to why Minky was chained while she was giving birth. We’ve found out that there are untrained dogs that break free of their leash and run away while they are giving birth. That’s why we had to use a chain. Plus, there are a lot of safety precautions even if she is inside the fence. Minky can also dig and run away. This is not animal cruelty.”

Meanwhile, “Three Meals a Day” is receiving great attention from the public and is one of the most watched shows so far.

What are your opinions on this situation?

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