Singer Hwang Chi Yeol Freely Admits to Plastic Surgery

Singer Hwang Chi Yeol confessed to plastic surgery in a recent interview.

When a reporter from Star Today said in awe, “Your nose is so nice,” in a recent interview, Hwang Chi Yeol coolly replied, “I actually got a nose job.”

He then explained, “I actually had a nose that curved down. I didn’t really have thoughts of plastic surgery, but before debut my management company said that we should do it, so I agreed.”

A flustered company associate, who was standing behind him, tried to give him signs to make him stop, but Hwang Chi Yeol laughed, “Who cares. It’s okay. I’m not an idol group member,” showing his easygoing personality. He then commented, “This is strange, but even though I got plastic surgery, the bridge of my nose is still a bit curved. Doesn’t it look more natural this way?”

Hwang Chi Yeol’s career has been a long and hard road. He put his name out there in 2007 through the OST for the SBS drama “Lover,” and debuted in the same year with his digital single “Just Once.” He then promoted as a member of group 015B.

However, he was tied to an eight-year contract with his management company that later closed down. He had to earn money as a vocal trainer and also worked at a café near Hongdae for some time.

When the reporter commented, “You must have been popular,” he answered, “It’s hard to say with my own mouth. It wasn’t crazy, per se, but a lot of people came to see me.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Chi Yeol is gaining popularity and momentum after his appearance on KBS2′s “Immortal Song” and being praised for his stable vocals and handsome looks.

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