“Scholar Who Walks the Night” to Turn Into Mobile Game, Movie, and Musical!

Are you enjoying the drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night” so far? If you are, there is more in store for you because the drama will be turned into a mobile game soon!

Contents N, a subsidiary of Key East, will be collaborating with mobile game company Next Move to create a mobile game of “Scholar Who Walks the Night” that will be coming out this summer.

scholar who walks the night mobile game

The drama “Scholar Who Walks the Night” is produced by Contents N. The company has worked on popular dramas such as “Dream High,” “School 2013,” “Secret,” “Emergency Couple,” “God’s Gift- 14 Days,” and more. The drama has garnered a lot of attention even before it aired due to the popularity of the original webtoon on which it is based upon.

In addition to creating a mobile game out of the drama, Key East plans to make a movie and a musical out of it, too!

You can check out more information about “Scholar Who Walks the Night” mobile game on its official cafe.

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