9MUSES Creates Official Fan Club Five Years After Debut

Girl group 9MUSES will finally have an official fan club!

On July 20, 9MUSES’ management company Star Empire revealed through the group’s official Twitter account that the second project for the girl group’s fifth anniversary is the creation of an official fan club.

The fan club name will be MINE, which is short for “9MUSES Is Never End.” Registrations for the fan club will begin on July 21.

A Star Empire associate said, “We’re creating a fan club after five years since debut.” They explained, “We decided on the project after we took into account the members’ opinion that they want to give a special gift to domestic and international fans who love the music of 9MUSES.”

Meanwhile, the girl group released “Hurt Locker” on July 2 and is now actively promoting the song.

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