GFRIEND Releases Summery Music Video Teaser for “Me Gustas Tu” + Highlight Medley

Update 7/22 – Highlight medley released

Rookie girl group GFRIEND released the music video teaser for “Me Gustas Tu,” the title track for their second mini album, “Flower Bud.

The girls, who have had one of the most successful debuts of 2015 with their hit song “Glass Bead,” keep up their young, bubbly, innocent image. From the short music preview, it seems that they will also be continuing on with their 90s K-pop concept.

In the video, the girls are enjoying themselves on a hot summer day. You can also catch glimpses of their trademark super-coordinated choreography.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND will be joining the rush of summer comebacks with “Flower Bud” on July 23.

Check out the music video teaser below!