Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Dodges Questions About Lee Seung Gi

Quite reminiscent of Lee Seung Gi’s past avoidance of answering questions related to his girlfriend, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA has made similarly slick moves to dodge discussing her boyfriend.

On July 21, at a press conference for Girl’s Generation’s latest reality show “Channel Girls’ Generation,” YoonA was asked about her cooking corner on the show.

One reporter asks about the food she cooks for the channel and who she wants to feed. Given a choice between popular cook Baek Jong Won, SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man, and boyfriend Lee Seung Gi, the singer deftly answers, “Today is ‘Channel Girls’ Generation,’ so this is more important. Whenever I cook, it’s always at home, so I feed my family first. After filming [the cooking channel], I share pictures in Girls’ Generation’s group chatroom first. Since many members covet the cooking section, I want them to try the food. I also want to hear their opinions.”

Meanwhile, “Channel Girls’ Generation” is a reality program in which each member create their own contents and show off concepts that suit them best. The first episode will air on July 21 at 9 p.m. KST.

What do you think of YoonA’s answer?

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