Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Chooses Best Member to Go Shopping With

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung chose the best bandmate to go shopping with.

On July 21, all members of Girls’ Generation except Yuri, who was busy with another schedule, attended the press conference for their new reality show “Channel Girls’ Generation.”

During the press conference, Sooyoung revealed, “The member that I go shopping with the most is Tiffany, but I often want to go with Hyoyeon, too.” She explained, “Tiffany gets tired easily. Also if she gets something she likes, she’s the type to say, ‘Let’s go home now.’ She makes it short and sweet, so there are a lot of instances when I’ve had to cut my shopping short because of her.”

She then said, “On the other hand, I have to go everywhere. I choose carefully, and I go back to the places I already went to.” She added, “Hyoyeon is very curious and adventurous, so I think we get along together well. She’s also really strong, so going forward, I want to go with Hyoyeon often too.”

“I go for comfort. Instead of going for the skirt, I consider how I can wear something comfortably,” Sooyoung described her personal style. “I like simple and classic styles. I go for looks where I can make simple fashion into something unique. If I had to put a name to it, I think it would be French chic.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation’s new reality program “Channel Girls’ Generation” is a program where the members each make a channel and come up with contents addressing topics that they are interested in. The first broadcast aired on July 21.

Which Girls’ Generation member do you think would make a good shopping partner-in-crime?

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